Friday, February 13, 2009


Nikki's Reason's

  1. It makes you smile- a natural facelift
  2. Its make you laugh- burn calories & ab workout
  3. It urges you to go that extra mile to look good- boost of confidence
  4. It relaxes you- stress reduction
  5. Gives you someone to Hug, Kiss, and Snuggle- burn more calories
  6. Gives you someone to confide in- therapeutic
  7. Gives you someone to be a big kid with- total body workout
  8. Gives you an occassional problem to solve- makes you smarter & wiser
  9. Gives you a person to share great meals with- nutritional needs for energy
  10. It Strengthens Your HEART♥

I can think of sooo many, but I won't overwhelm you with Love! Leave me a comment with some of your reasons, I would Love to hear them! Happy Valentines Day