Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gone but Never FORGOTTEN♥

I have So many sweet memories and even sweeter are some of the long lost people that exist in them. You see the thing about us City Girls is that we don't just exist we LIVE♥...and with that Life comes ALOT of lessons to be learned and People along the way to help us learn them.
Those people leave imprints on us so deep that long after their gone, we still feel the fuzziness of the precious moments we shared with them.....laughing, crying, talking for hours, partying, and sharing......Life.
Today, I step into a New Life and not much is familiar yet, everything is so fresh and barely touched; So It's times like now when I'm chillin, late night, all alone, that I find comfort in remembering the Him's and the Her's that onced touched me mentally and/or physically whom are now distant memories. I wonder if they sometime think of me too......then again
We're all gone, but NEVER FORGOTTEN;)
dedicated to friendships that had to end, but will last forever
Luv, Nikki

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


BEFORE-September 2009

After- July 2010

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Up top is a pic of my hair 10months ago on 9/2009. After being on my hair journey for a yr, I was still fed up with my thin see through ends and extreme uneven hair, so I trim/cut it back up to armpit length and decided to really take my hair journey seriously.

That was the best decision I've ever made for my hair.

Now I've reached my first goal of healthy BSL (Bra-strap length) Hair. As you can see, I've gone a little passed that which is great! . I was 4wkS post relaxer. My hair is a little uneven, so I'll even it up soon. :) My next goal is Mid-Back Length!!! yaay.

What Helped Me Reach My Goal:
Deep conditioning once a week with ORS replenishing conditioner
Washing with HairOne
Using a clarifying poo 1x per month
Detangling with Jilbere Shower comb
Using Mane and Tail Detangler and moisturizing & sealing nightly
Wearing Half Wigs as a protective style
Airdrying and staying away from heat
Black Tea/Coffee Rinses (love♥)
Wearing satin scarves and sleeping on satin pillow case
Stretching relaxers 14+ weeks apart and texlaxing
TRIMMING Split Ends-mandatory for length

Great things I occasionally do:
Use Jamaican Black Castor Oil
Take GNC Ultra Nourish Hair Vitamins

Things I stopped:
Roller setting at home- i got breakage no matter what, so I only let my stylist do it after she relaxes my hair.
Hard Protein treatments- I just use protein conditioners every now and then
Braiding Hair- My fine hair breaks when Its braided for extended periods
Stressing- It will grow, so don't obsess over your hair. Be patient and remember less is more.

GOD Bless and I wish you and your Hair the Best!
Luv Nikki♥

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I would not be ME♥ if I didn't write something special on July 7th 2010.
I luv the number 7 so why not write 7 reasons why I am Happy on this Blessed day.

My Faith, and knowing that GOD guides me through this ever changing Life, strengthening me along the way. I feel complete in knowing Him, there is no greater Love.
My Mom & Sisters, My Girls no matter what. To be blessed with 3 strong women who love you unconditionally is a feeling that I will cherish forever.
My Fiance....My O My. What great feelings I feel just to think of him, lol. Talk about an amazing Man that I can't wait to Marry. He has such a good heart and he makes me feel like it beats for me :) .
My Career :) I Love my Job in the Health Fitness Field!!! I could not have chosen a better career for myself. Majoring in Exercise Science was the best decision for me because I get paid well for doing what I love, therefore I will never "work"....I just do great things.
I love that today is my Last Boyfriend/Girlfriend Anniversary with my Babycake. It's been two wonderful beautiful extraordinary years together and I feel great in knowing that next yr on this day we will already be married and on our way to Maui :)
I love that its so warm and sunny outside.
I love that today represents beauty to me in so many ways and it always will. Give it up for July guys. It's an amazing month and this is coming for a Girl born in January...just 7months prior.

Much Luv, and CELEBRATE LIFE!!!!!!!