Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Growing My African American Hair....AGAIN!

A little over a year ago I reached my goal of thick, mid-back relaxed hair. I was sooooooo HAPPY and after receiving numerous compliments from family and strangers I was even more convinced that I had done something Great! Growing relaxed African American Hair is a challenge. My hair type of fine 4a hair tends to be dry and breaks easily. Moisturizing weekly, trimming away split ends, avoiding all heat, and wearing protective styles got me to my goal but it was not without a few set-backs and even tears! I remember a time where I over-did-it with some protein products and BAM, it was breakage city. It took over a year for me to get to my goal but it was well worth the wait.
Fast forward to today, after moving into my first home, getting married, going on a honeymoon, working hard for a promotion at work, and flat out being LAZY, I noticed that I am far from where I started 4 years ago. I blame myself for getting "too comfortable" with having long hair. Forgetting to wrap it when I laid down, not deep conditioning for weeks, throwing it in a messy bun for days without moisturizing... and on top of all that, I had the nerve to flat iron my hair 3 weekends in a row! Today I thoroughly examined my hair and noticed split ends everywhere. My once thick, mid-back hair is now a thinner, uneven bra-strap length. I haven't gotten a relaxer in 8 months so my hair is very fragile and breaks easily due to the two different textures which adds fuel to the fire.
Well, I say all this to further "reality check" myself and to get back on the right track once and for all. I want my long, healthy, beautiful, black hair back! I know its going to take time, but I am fully prepared and I plan to blog along the way.... Below is my goal pic, which a pic of my hair a couple years ago.
SO HERE'S TO HAPPY HAIR GROWING!!! Feel free to follow my journey :)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

She's Beautiful Beacause.......

It's not the things that change day by day; Her makeup, outfit, hair, and the way it sways... but its deeper. A thing that will only get away if she lets it. It's in her heart, her actions, and her strength. That thing that shines through her eyes and her smile....Thats why she I Am Beautiful.

Luv Nikki :)