Friday, December 31, 2010

Good-Bye Dear Friend...♥

Good-Bye Dear Friend .......
It's been GREAT knowing you
! I smile just thinking about the moments we've shared. Whether they were good or bad, I am blessed to have simply lived them. I've grown tremendously with you and it will be so hard to say Good-Bye.
Moving forward will feel so different. The second you leave I may even cry, because I am honestly teary-eyed right now
. I know life will instantly become different forever. Moving into my first home, getting married, having a Husband, a new career, and more responsibility than I've ever had before are all waiting for me on the other side of time.
Thank you friend for the laughter, the tears, the experiences, and lessons. I will Never forget you, nor will I ever try. I ended a chapter in my life with you and I Thank GOD that I came out of it stronger, wiser, and better than ever before.
Good Bye 2010, the perfect Kiss goodbye after the decade of my life! I had a Blast. ♥

Friday, December 24, 2010

My Christmas List ♥

Hugs From My Loved Ones
To See A Smile On Every Face I See
To Laugh a good hard teary eyed Laugh
and last but not least
I want for everyone reading this to have a very
Merry Christmas!
Kisses & Love To All :) & Remember that
JESUS is the Reason For The Season

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Help... ♥

Are you in a warm home right now? Did you have a good meal today? Are there clothes on your back and a debit card in your wallet? Well congrats sweeties, your Blessed and I pray that your lives with continue to bloom into something great; But as your lives bloom, don't forget about those who don't have clothes, food, money, health, and warmth.
Below is a link to the American Institute of Philanthropy Top-Rated Chariities :)
These charities actually give the majority if not ALL the money we donate to helping others in need. I discovered this site awhile ago and I'm so happy I did.
GOD helps us, so we can help others.
Stay Sweet Cuties.
Love, Nikki ♥