Wednesday, February 18, 2009


NO, this is not a Conceited Moment, This is a Positive One. MY OWN personal TIME to ShInE because I Love who I AM and even more I LOVE The Great Things I strive to BE.
POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS are exercises that BOOST Mental Health, lowering stress levels and elevating Confidence...So here is mine for today♥
I'm Because I want to BE, and all My BEauty comes from the greatest part of ME....
My Precious Heart , Its been with me from the start and we will never part.
NO negativity can faze me, no nasty looks even graze me
I am the epitome of Adorable style and GRACE easing through My Life's time at My OWN Remarkable Pace
~Nikki D.City Star
GOD Bless


Princess Mina said...

I love this post. People concentrate on negative so much that the positive gets overlooked. You have to love yourself and have confidence to reach your goals in life and have as much happiness as possible.

I have positive things I try to say daily and I say it while looking in the mirror...sound weird huh? lol. I even put it on my blog template as a reminder just in case I'm feeling frustrated or anything, just as a reminder.

Nicole ♥ HealthyKisses Inc. said...

Good for you Princess Mina! I luv to hear things like that, there is nothing wrong with reminding yourself that you are special! We must Love ourselvs first before we Love others :)

ohlalaitsamd said...

I love this post..I'm really working on trying to be positive w/ my self..I find as i get older I love who i am more and more..keep it up w/ these great posts!!

xflashinLITESx said...

at last sum positive person to come across afta ma friend jst made a negative comment sucker lol... jst wat i needed

Keda Boo Baby* said...

Dont TRIP off them GHETTO BETTY's in GIANT!! lol !!!

Nicole ♥ HealthyKisses Inc. said...

Lol, Glad you enjoyed the post sweeties! and Keda what r u talking about?! lol.