Thursday, February 5, 2009


I LOOOVE drinking Pure lemon water! It dissolves toxins, aids in weightloss, and has even noticeably reduced the size of pimples! I simply grab some lemons from the store (pure lemon juice is acceptable) and I squeeze half of it in a glass of water and I drink it OUT OF A STRAW...Yes a straw because the acid could eventually make your teeth sensitive :( Here's some facts about Lemons juice and why I LOVE them♥

Lemons are very effective in curing many digestion problems when mixed with hot water, including biliousness, nausea, heartburn, disorders of the lower intestines like constipation and worm infestations. It is even known to relieve hiccups. Water plus a few lemons becomes lemon juice. Lemon juice, when taken regularly in the morning, acts as a tonic to the liver and stimulates it to produce bile making it ready to digest the day's food. It is also thought to help dissolve gallstones. Because of its high vitamin C content, it is thought to help prevent and treat many infections, hasten wound healing and temper down high fever. Lemon juice also relieves symptoms of asthma, tonsillitis and sore throat.
Lemons are antiseptic
~Lemon water has excellent digestive properties and can ease heartburn, bloating and other digestion problems
~Lemon water cleanses and stimulates the liver and kidneys
~Lemon juice contains calcium, magnesium and potassium
~Lemon juice has been known to relieve asthma
~Lemon water (hot) offers relief from cold and flu symptoms while providing some much needed Vitamin C

So if you do not do anything else - start every single day with a glass of lovely lemon water!


Licklemslady said...

omg what planet r u from? lol. i wish i had half the enthusiasm that you do about these things. I would hate it if u were my personal trainer. You being so right about these things would only make me loathe u more lol

Nicole ♥ HealthyKisses Inc. said...

lol! our health is our wealth! I guess that I look at it as a way to express my creativity and to help fun.

LaQT said...

I love this I would love to try this every morning