Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Skin's BF♥ Retin-A-Micro:)

I ♥ Retin-A Micro! I don't "worry" about breakouts anymore because Retin-A goes to work on my skin every night and I wake up bright-eyed and with a smooth face. I admitt, It took about 2-3months to see FULL results, but it was Well worth the wait. Now I get compliments on my skin and I always feel ready for any event or meeting.
I was breaking out "on & off" because of stress and nothing would help! I tried it all from tea-tree oil, to 150$ facials and nothing was a permanent fix. So one day I said a long meaningful prayer about it, and I called my Derm, she prescribed Retin-A for me in May of 2008 and 3months later my skin was as clear as the summer sky I was looking at♥. My health insurance is pretty good so I only pay 15-30$ a tube which last about 2months! I would like to use this stuff forever and thats realistic since retin-a has been out since the 1970's, lol. It also aids in reducing wrinkles (not that I have to worry about that at 26) but its good to know that its a multi-tasker. I'll get into my Regimen and show skin pics on another post, this post is just a proclamation of my L♥v for Retin-A.
Check out their Website for more info:


Miss Starr said...

Lmao..great minds must think alike! I plan on blogging about this really soon. Thats pretty cool.

When u get the Sephora make-up remover make sure u get the waterproof. I didn't know there were 2 kinds until yesterday when I grabbed some.

Princess Katrina said...

oOoOoOo I wanna try it!!

Keda Boo Baby* said...

This is a good product I used it for a couple months in "06" and I still attribute my flawless skin to it!