Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Hola Sweeties! Just wanted to give a quick hair update. My hair is progressing well!! At this rate I will definitely be BSL (bra-strap length) and BEYOND by October which marks my 1 year Haircare Journey! I've changed ALOT of things that I was doing. I believe that growing relaxed African-American hair definitely takes excellent care and dedication. We MUST keep our hair moisturized, strong, and protected from the harms of excess heat, over manipulation, and split ends. I've already recruited my Mom, Sisters, and BFF! lol.
Anyways, I am just about BSL, I had made it there length wise but my ends had to go! So I allowed my stylist to trim them. I will stretch my relaxer until the end of July which will equate to about 14 weeks. This should be easy since my Boyfriend will be in basic training for the summer ( yes I am A lol :). Him being gone means I can keep the hair super protected in buns and half wigs (freetress Milano girl, just 20$ & Its super cute). Mine as well work on my masterpiece and protect it from the public eye until the big reveal in October :).My hair is also THICKER! yaay. It had thinned out from bad care, but as my stylist was screaming when she was washing my hair in her Ethiopian accent "It's Coming Back!!!)
Things I LOVE that are helping me to reach my hair goals:
Jamaican Black Castor oil- Use it on my scalp & hair
GNC Nourish Hair Vitamins- speeds up growth!
Co-Washing- keeps my hair moisturized and smelling lovely
Half Wigs- Quick, easy, and cute protective style. (youtube it :)
Braid outs- Gives me that exotic look I love, plus no heat!
Deep conditioning once a week- keeps the hair soft & strong
My Shower comb- Not a break in sight! love this comb♥
I eliminated:
roller-setting once a week- only do it for a special occasions now.
sulfate shampoos- to bad for the hair! I don't like shampoo period, I make my own.
wearing hair out ALL the time- gotta protect it.
I don't own a flat iron or curling iron....I'm so glad I never got hooked on those, I heard it's pretty hard to ween yourself off! lol


Licklemslady said...

A woman with a plan and the determination to pull it off...Get it Nikki lol

gor(jess). said...

aww im happy for you !

i cut my hair mighty short in june , about to be a year and its almost bsl and im supppppper excited about that lol, cus i miss my long hair badddd.

Anonymous said...

the hair is looking gorgeous!

♥Nikki D.City Star♥ said...

gorJess- Your hair looks very pretty in your pic! Long hair is so pretty!
Anony- Thanks sweetie!

n_vizion said...

Your intentions (and your plan) to get your hair back into luscious condition seems pretty realistic and certainly possible. Can't wait to hear about your continued progress.