Thursday, April 2, 2009

How's Ur PillowCase Treating Ur Face?♥

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Are those Pillowcases Making Your Skin Issues WORST???
You’re very diligent about your skin care routine and you cleanse your skin properly each and every night, so you just can’t understand why you wake up in the morning and your acne looks worse than it did the night before. Believe it or not, your pillow may be to blame.
What Lurks Beneath You
Each and every night, you lay your head down on your pillow and go to sleep. If you’re like most people, at least some part of your face touches your pillow during the night. Whether you like to think about it or not, it’s a basic fact that your pillowcase has bacteria, dust and other acne-causing agents on it. If you want to prevent this stuff from getting into your pores, clogging them up and causing pimples, you need to wash your pillowcases regularly.
Nikki Note: Wash your pillowcase about once a week and watch your skin began to look healthier! Go the extra mile and get a Satin pillowcase like I did....Luvs it!!

♥ KISSES, Nikki


MsRitaJanay said...

Heyy! This is a really really good tip...a lot of ppl overlook the idea that the pillowcase could be the enemy lol.
p.s. ive definately been thinking about getting a really nice satin pillow case. However, i dont really know where to get them from :(

Niika said...

hmm i shall try it

Anonymous said...

This GREAT information! Just 2 days ago I went from no pimple to now having a few pimples on my face. IN ONE NIGHT! I was wondering how this was possible. Now I know. I was thinking of buying a satin pillow case, now i'm definitely buying one.

♥Nikki D.City Star♥ said...

Hey Ladies, I got the Satin Pillowcase from Target for 9.99! not to mention its pink ♥. They also have red, and my boyfriend the gold one lol :). It comes in a pck of 2, look for it in the linens section. Glad you like the tips!

Hippoleetoe said...

I need to hit target !
THanks for the info !!

♥Nikki D.City Star♥ said...

No Prob :)