Monday, June 29, 2009

Need a Break From Breakouts??

We have all been there and if you haven't, be Thankful! I'm talking about BREAKOUTS. The kind that just won't go away. Pimples, Bumps, Acne, call it what ya want! They are annoying and to some people breakouts are a hindrance. We always want to look our best, so here are some excellent tips that work!
~ Change your pillow case once a week, more if you use oils in your hair
~ Wash your hands BEFORE you wash your face.
~ DON'T STRESS!! This exacerbates acne, so RELAX.
~ Drink 3-4 (16oz) bottles of water daily
~ Flax seed or Fish oil pills are good for you and they heal acne for some.
~ Rinse your face after exercising.
~ Clean your makeup brushes & Toss old makeup.
~ Don't sleep in makeup.
~ Cut out greasy process foods and EAT HEALTHY!
~ See an esthetician ( thnx Chez)
~ See a Dermatologist! This is most important for those who have tried it all and nothing seems to work. Derms go to school many years to treat skin conditions. Derms can also prescribe you "prescription only medications" which often do the trick
~PEACE & Healthy Kisses! ♥ Nikki~


Chez Cerise said...

I just wanted to add...see an esthetician! Not all breakouts are health related so they don't all require medication. It may just be something simple like a product you are using or something in your skin care regimen. I good esthetician is very knowledgable about products and ingredients and can recommend a very good routine.

♥Nikki Ms.Healthy KISSES♥ said...

This is very true Chez! I only left it out because I personally had a bad experience with one :(. She gave me a facial which broke me out 10 times worst! I just have super sensitive skin and she didn't take that into consideration whereas my Doctor was a bit more cautious and prescribed me something that worked. I haven't had a bad breakout since.
Thanks for the input!

fab_E said...

hey girlie i nominated you for a blog award...check out KabQueen!

♥Nikki Ms.Healthy KISSES♥ said...

Thanks Fab!