Monday, November 30, 2009

Precious Child May GOD Protect U ♥

Today I woke up and said a prayer. I prayed for My loved ones and Myself.
I rushed to work as always and got in the door just 2 minutes after 7:30am...nobody noticed, so I smiled. The day went on and it was great. I chatted it up with my supervisor who openly adores me and I had a nice "unhealthy" lunch from Popeyes. I noticed the rain throughout the day, but that didn't stop me from smiling. I talked to one of my Besties and had a long loving, yet humorous conversation with my Man. All I seemed to care about today was Me, My Family, My Friends, My Man, and My Future.
The evening continued to be great; So great, that I was shocked to hear such a serious voice coming from the television. I looked at it and saw a Beautiful 5yr girl on the screen so I looked a little longer. 10 minutes later I find myself here, typing, with tears in my eyes. Who could do this to a child.
A Precious Beautiful Child. Our Precious Beautiful Children. Defenseless against the evil cold ways of this world, sent back home to be with their Perfect Creator. They've hurt no one and they didn't ask to be here. They are Blessings and I will Pray tonight and tomorrow and Forever for their protection.
As I was living my life on November 16th, a 5 yr child was sold to a strange man by her mother and suddenly everything that seemed so important doesn't anymore...The thoughts consumed with Me, My, and Mine are gone, as I pray for her precious soul and the young lives still living
Do me a favor and send up a prayer for the children of this world, and don't be afraid to be nosey and Help, you never know, you could be saving a life..
With Love Now and Always, Nikki


The Lifestyle said...

this is so sad..dat world can b such an evil cold place...damn smh

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gor(jess). said...

that was beautiful

may God bless you <3

Sylvia said...

I will pray! that is so sad!

♥Nikki Ms.Healthy KISSES♥ said...

May GOD Bless you ladies as well. It is a sad story, my heart really goes out to her.

Anonymous said...

check out my blog i nominated you for an award! :)

Malia Sarai♥ said...

This is truly a sad, sad story. To think that someone could do that to a child is just beyond belief.

R.I.P. Sweet Angel.

♥Nikki Ms.Healthy KISSES♥ said...

I agree Malia. Thanks so much 4 ur comment.
and THANKS BRIANA!!! I luv getting awards. Luv ur blog too.