Saturday, November 16, 2013

My Journey

Its not the destination, but the journey....
A thought that keeps running through my mind as I look at what I've accomplished over the years. My career, home, husband, and now my beautiful baby girl. I remember years ago crying, wondering When?! I was so close but felt so far from being where I am today.

Now that I'm here all I seem to think about is the journey and how freakin Great it was! The dramatic ups and downs now remind me of what a wonderful ride it was. The life lessons, the mistakes, and best of all the laughs. I LIVED life to the fullest and always returned to my morals and loving God no matter what. 
My journey remains in my mind, my heart, and it made me who I am today... 
I'll never stop enjoying it....and I keep living the life I'll be proud of in my old age. 

God is good, not because I lived a perfect life, but because I'm happy and content with my imperfect one.
Now we have a little Angel cake mini-me  to enjoy the journey with.
My Arielle Capri :) born 4/17/2013 
Love -Nikki


Lipglass and Handbags said...

Hey Nicole or should I say MOMMY!! Thanks, for your comment. It was a really pleasant surprise to receive!

Little Arielle is a little beauty! She's your mini me...I'm jealous!! LOL, my little chocolate drop looks NOTHING like me :( but she's a gorgeous princess version of her little Trinity. You've always had a wise streak and been bubbly so i'm sure you do the title mommy plenty of justice. Isn't it wonderful and surreal all at the same time? And little girls are just a blast!

We are all grown up now with little families of our own and grown up responsibilities, but I too look back at our friendship with fond memories and a smile. It was unique and were my big sis for a moment in time. I'm down for that glass of wine whenever you are. LOL remember you were the only one old enough to order alcohol lol? It'd be nice to catch up but to also dish on mommy stuff, silly stuff, and the great things in our life now.

It really is nice to see an old friend happy and loving the life they're living.

I hope to hear from you again. Until next time, I pray you all continue to be blessed!

Anonymous said...

She is one cutie!