Monday, May 3, 2010

I Have To Do It!!!!!!!

30 minutes- Intense Jumping Rope, Dancing, & Cardio
2 sets of 10 push-ups

2 sets of 20 bicep curls
5 sets 20 ab exercises
2 sets of 30 calf raises

2 sets of 15 lunges & Squats

And Today's Motivation Pic to make sure I do it is none other than Mel.B!


Going To Workout out now, Peace cuties.
Nikki :)


GlamourandLove said...

Uuuugh! I've been asking myself that since January and clearly have not been listening!!! But now that the sun is starting to peak out a little more these days... Helloooo reality check!!!

Good luck girl!

Kiaana08 said...

Hopefully your able to accomplish your goal. I really need to be doing the same thing, this gut ain't nothing pretty to see. Lol. Yeah, Mel B's picture is definitely motivating.

♥Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder♥ said...

this sounds sort of reminds me of Jillian Michaels 30day shred thats what i'm starting so good luck!

♥Nikki Ms.Healthy KISSES♥ said...

Thanks Ladies! I'm so determined!!!!!!!

esspee*. said...

Randomly stumbled across your blog :). Do you work out often? I find that when I work out my entire body like that I end up so sore! I usually stick to certain areas each time I work out. Goodluck accomplishing your goals :).

♥Nikki Ms.Healthy KISSES♥ said...

Unfortunately I don't work out like that often, but I did in the past and it worked out great for me. I instructed a total body conditioning class twice a week for 2yrs and the participants and I saw Excellent results within months! Strectching and a day of rest between workouts is all the body needs to reduce soreness.

Anonymous said...

How do you get rid of back fat??? I hate it