Thursday, February 25, 2010


How many of you can say you have REAL FRIENDS? Those that have your back and Love you for simply being yourself. Friends that you can laugh, cry, make mistakes with, and become a better person with?
Just think about it.....and if so be THANKFUL. Real friends are so hard to come by, especially nowadays where everyone seems so fake and selfish. Beware of those transparent people and recognize the real.
And if at the end of the day you can honestly say that you still don't have any real friends....look up at the Beautiful sky and see the beauty of the Bestest Realist friend you could ever have ;)

This is dedicated to my Loves that I call my "Real Friends". It feels great to look back and see how much we've grown together. I just spent last weekend at my Alma Mater (UMES) with my friends and I had a BALL!!!!!!! Each laugh and memory created reminded me of how Blessed I am to have Real Friends that I Love dearly and that I know Loves me too.

My crew since high school plus Larry and minus one of my Besties Kyra.
When we said friends forever, we weren't kidding :)

Enjoy life guys! Peace, Nikki :)

& remember..."to have true friends, you have to be a true friend"


Princess Shabie said...

nice post! it is really hard to find nice real people because there are so many transparent people out there. Guess we just have to be careful about who we become close to.

Mia Brathwaite said...

Oprah said it best "Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down."

Now that's the definition of a real friend.

KedaBoo said...

Awwh I LOVE this Nikki!!!

FabLondyn said...

Hi Hun, I love your blog so far and I'm your new follower!! I'm new to the blogging world so PLEASE check out my blog and follow me!! :) Thanks A Million xoxo ~Londyn

Kate ♡ said...

aww this is such a cute post!

sTep_INside_mY_miNd said...

This is a fantastic post because good real friends are truely a rare commodity. I can definately recognize fake ones nowadays. But I am ever so thankful for the blessing of true friendship :-)

GlamourandLove said...

Hey girl! Just wanted to let you know that I gave you a blog award! Check it out-

Happy Blogging!!! :)

♥Nikki Ms.Healthy KISSES♥ said...

Thank you girls!!!!!!! Im glad u liked my post, its so true right...:)
Im gonna go check out my award thanks Glamour! and Here I come Fab to check ur blog out.
Loves ya Keda!

Misswalker said...

This is so true, i'm weeding through the fake ones now so that my real friends can shine!