Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I will never be perfect, and that's what makes me so Great.....
Think of the prettiest person you don't know and realize that yes...they have insecurities too. We all do at one point or another! The same person that can feel confident and cocky one day, can feel insecure and self-conscious on another...it's all apart of living life.
Its true that some have more insecurities than others and Women more so than Men...but at the end of the day it all comes down to accepting and loving who and what you are.
Love who you are and if you don't like something work positively to Change it....and if you can't change it EMBRACE it :)
Don't even pay attention to others and what they have, what they look like, what they talk like, or how Confident they are being because.......

some put on a good front.
If its one thing anyone that knows me can vouch for it's that I LOVE ME :). I'm not perfect, I make mistakes But I'm ME....and I smile at just the thought of it :)
Here are 8 tips to help you feel more Confident!
Read and listen to inspirational things like your Bible, Positive Blogs, Uplifting books and Music.
Began working toward your goals. We are all a work in progress, so enjoy the journey.

Get rid of/ignore/avoid negative people, jealous people, fake friends, and a bad relationship. I have NO room in my life for negative people or things and nor should you.
Always try to look your best. When you look good you feel good.
STOP paying attention to those who give you a bad feeling about yourself. If you ever wished that you looked or acted like someone else..STOP, no one is perfect.
Do things to make others happy, you will feel better about yourself for it.

Write down or say all the things you like about yourself or that you want to accomplish and get motivated!

Remember that Beauty starts within and that "Sexy" and "Confidence" is an ATTITUDE, not a physical attribute.

insecurities are no match to confidence.

Pic by Lenka Ulrichova


it'sok2bu*nique* said...


sometimes we just need to be reminded

tiff said...

Excellent post, I like the tips :).


Beautifully said!!!! We all needed to hear this.

OffdaShoulda said...

thank u for this! i love the tips too! they are so necessary to hear sometimes. my fav part is..whatever you can't change..embrace it!

Assertive Wit said...

I tell people all the time that what we see in magazines and on the screen (television, movies, internet, etc.) is a lot of airbrushing and manufacturing of REAL people. Being content with who you are is hard for some people so they look to celebrities and anyone who is the opposite of them, as though those people don't have things they worry about physically.

I'm comfortable in the skin I'm in, regardless of it acting right every day LOL I encourage EVERYONE to do the same...good encouraging blog, especially for people who are always Debbie Downer on themselves :)

♥Nikki Ms.Healthy KISSES♥ said...

Thankyou ladies! ♥ glad u all enjoyed the post. I meant every word and its good to know I reminded some of you how special you are...keep smiling cuties.

@Assertive Wit-thanks for breaking it down like that! I so agree with u more. Hopefully I turned some Debbie Downers into Confident Connies..lol..corny, I know.