Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hard Work Doesn't ALWAYZ PAY off

As you work hard to accomplish everything you possibly can at your job, You will realize that verbal rewards are far more to come by than cash rewards, lol.
It's crazy how the majority of people I know have this issue. But DON'T FRET. Hard Work Doesn't Always PAY off..........right away :)

Remember those two words "Right Away". As with almost anything, it takes time to build the stairway to your financial goal. Working hard is just that......It's building upwards, step by step to whatever goal your trying to accomplish.
I'm now 26 and I want to make 6 figures :). Is this happening? NO. Will it one day? I will continue to work hard, have Faith, be assertive, never settle too long at one set salary, and stay optimistic; as long as I'm doing this, I will definitely reach great heights....SO YES, It Will Happen One Day.
Peace, Nikki


Anonymous said...

I loved this post Nikki. We all feel over worked and under paid sometime.

Chanel said...

Love the positive vibes :-) Sometimes I have to pull myself out of wanting to give up, drop out of school and quitting my job all in the same day. lol. Im just so tired. But i know i cant stop because the more I invest in myself, the more payback i'll reap. It wont come tomorrow but it'll come!

♥Nikki Ms.Healthy KISSES♥ said...

Yes it will Chanel! Stay motivated & have Faith. You achaieve all your goals girlie.